Our Objectives

The objects for which the Association is established are:

  1. Alleviate the poverty and misfortune suffered by unemployed and long term unemployed people through providing programs, projects, training and opportunities that develop their employment related skills or capacities for obtaining employment.  
  2. Provide programs, services and assistance intended to provide relief for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing severe disadvantage, poverty or distress.  
  3. Provide programs and services including rehabilitation and reintegration to prisoners and newly discharged prisoners to alleviate helplessness.  
  4. Assist disabled people and their carers to overcome effects of the disability through information and services to access education and employment.  
  5. Provide services and education directed at overcoming their condition of misfortune to Youth from poor or disadvantaged backgrounds.   
  6. Provide services to refugees requiring assistance to overcome distress.  
  7. To provide targeted services including those of a rehabilitative or educative nature to persons in the community identified as needing relief from poverty, distress, misfortune or helplessness.  

BICSI meets community needs through providing a service of Emergency assistance, Services Australia Agency, Community events, Auspicing groups and clubs, 

Office services, Consultants rooms, Function rooms, Admin – fax and photocopying services, Op shops, Cafe and Nursery.

Russell Island -
Main Office and Opp Shop

55 Jackson Rd, 

Russell Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 1177

Macleay Island -
Services Australia Agency, Community Hall Office

32 High Central Rd, 

Macleay Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 4990

Macleay Island -
Op Shop, Cafe and Plant Nursery

35 Southsea Terrace, 

Macleay Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 5613