The volunteers are the backbone of BICS. Without our loyal and helpful volunteers we would be unable to service our remote community. 

We welcome community members to come and join our ranks as volunteers. 

Did you know that if you are over 55 and on Centrelink Job Seeker benefits and you are struggling to find work that you can volunteer at an organisation like ours in place of job searching. 

Over 55 volunteers work two days a week (15 hours) to fulfil the requirements by Centrelink.

We also have many volunteers from the community who devote anywhere from half a day to days to aid us in our services to the community.  

Meet a few of our volunteers below who give of their time generously.

Russell Island Volunteers

Meet our volunteers on Russell Island. These wonderful people ensure we function successfully and are the backbone of BICSI on Russell. You will meet them in the Op Shop, out back sorting, doing donation pick-ups and deliveries, repairing and maintaining the premises.


Pat Cunningham

Lynn Greaves

Macleay Island Supervisors

Sharon and Wendy are a marvel. Two volunteers that ensure that the Macleay precinct is open for our community six days a week. Between them they manage around 40 volunteers and keep the efficient running of the Op Shop, Nursery and Cafe. We are extremely grateful for the time and effort they put into BICSI.

Wendy Carrigan

Macleay Island Volunteers

What a great bunch of volunteers. They rally around their supervisors helping them every day. You will meet them in the op-shop, in the nursery, smiling for you at the cafe counter and out and about doing donation pick ups and deliveries.

Centrelink Agency & Information Centre Volunteers

When you need help with information; office work like photocopying, laminating, faxing, printing; help with Medicare or Centrelink; these lovely people are generous with their time and always do the best they can for you.

Sue Delaney

Can Do Volunteers

Meet our CAN DO volunteers. They are integral in the planning and implementation of activities, events and services we provide to the greater island community. We meet on the first Wednesday of the month. We welcome others who would like to become involved. Contact Angela (manager) on 3409 1177.

Companion Line Volunteers Macleay Island

If you are feeling isolated, vulnerable, at a loss, or needing a chat our COMPANION LINE is dedicated to helping you. We try to fill the gap between a Service Provider and the other needs that can’t be filled.       We do our best so meet the team.

Leanne Ault

Leanne Ault

Receptionists and Administration Volunteers

What a wonderful team we have supporting the manager and her staff. As an extremely busy organisation we need the extra support for administration and these volunteers put up their hands to help us.        We are extremely grateful.


Sue Leet, Receptionist


Lyn Howard, Rusell Island Receptionist

BICSI meets community needs through providing a service of Emergency assistance, Services Australia Agency, Community events, Auspicing groups and clubs, 

Office services, Consultants rooms, Function rooms, Admin – fax and photocopying services, Op shops, Cafe and Nursery.

Russell Island -
Main Office and Opp Shop

55 Jackson Rd, 

Russell Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 1177

Macleay Island -
Services Australia Agency, Community Hall Office

32 High Central Rd, 

Macleay Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 4990

Macleay Island -
Op Shop, Cafe and Plant Nursery

35 Southsea Terrace, 

Macleay Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 5613