BICSI Bus Trips

We regularly hold bus trips to the mainland

Must be a member of a BICSI group.

$15 per person

All other costs are yours.

No baggage is to be taken onboard. Walkers must fold up, and only a max of 2 per trip.

55 Jackson Rd, Russell Island – 07 3409 1177

32 High Central Rd, Macleay Island – 07 3409 4990

BICS meets community needs through providing a service of Emergency assistance, Centrelink Agency, Community events, Auspicing groups and clubs, Office services, Consultants rooms, Function rooms, Admin -fax and photocopying services and Op shops, Cafe and Nursery.

Russell Island - Main Office and Opp Shop

55 Jackson Rd, 

Russell Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 1177

Macleay Island - Centrelink Agency Community Hall Office

32 High Central Rd, 

Macleay Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 4990

Macleay Island - Op Shop, Cafe and Plant Nursery

35 Southsea Terrace, 

Macleay Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 5613