Bay Islands Community Services Inc. (known by many as BICS) is situated on Russell and Macleay Islands with 2 opp shops and 2 offices staffed by 85 volunteers and 2 permanent staff members.  We are the bay islands community centres and are a not-for-profit and registered charitable organisation.

We assist with community and emergency assistance, opp shop facilities, function room facilities for the community to use.  Provide office related services, have visiting health services, hold various events, and are part of a network of 10 community organisations called The Wellbeing Hub in conjunction with the Redland City Council.

Russell Island BICSI Opp Shop

We auspice under our banner a host of community groups and clubs.  Visitors and community members can always find an activity to be involved in.  See our auspiced groups and other community groups and clubs listed.

BICS also has a maritime division run by volunteers.  We have two vessels. One a 23 foot Hood sailing boat called the ‘Nereides’.  Sailing lessons and sailing activities are available for the communities use.  Contact 3409 1177 for more information.

BICSI Boat Nerides
Lady Caroline

The other vessel is Lady Caroline a 35 foot Bay Cruiser and the delight of our community.  Lady Caroline weekly takes 7 community members and 3 trained crew on various trips around our amazing waterways including trips to Tipplers, Horizon Shores, Jumpin Pin and island tours.  Contact 3409 1177 for bookings and more information.

Our volunteers are the backbone of BICS and make  it all happen for the community.  At any one time we would have in excess of 100 volunteers we can count on for daily, event and emergency tasks.

We welcome community members to come and join our ranks as volunteers.

island sunset
Island Sunset

BICSI as a not-for-profit organisation is funded through the Opp Shops and by government departments and grants.  The monies collected are fed back into the island communities through a large variety of methods including but not limited to, emergency relief, events that include Easter Eggs and Christmas gifts with Santa and food for the children, Seniors events, Christmas food hampers, administration of auspiced groups, financial support for auspiced groups, facilities for auspiced groups to hold their activities, buildings and infrastructure, general administration costs etc.  At no time does any of the money received through the Opp Shops leave the island in support of any other organisation.