The Tinny Tourist Group is an informal group of members who love idea of joining together for new experiences on the water.


Trips, Events, BBQ, Groups, Fishing, Passionate about boats, Love our backyard waterways, Even a little bit of education.

Membership forms available at the Bay Islands Community Services centres on Russell and Macleay Islands 55 Jackson Rd, Russell Island. PH: 3409 1177 Southsea Tce, Macleay Island PH: 3409 4222 $5.00 Per Person per annum (1 July – 30 June)

Visit our Facebook page:

Membership is per person for all 18 years and older wanting to join in our activities. Children are free.

Activities can be posted by any member on The Tinny Tourist Group Facebook page once they are a paid-up member to inform the group as to what is coming up or invitations for specific activities.



BICS meets community needs through providing a service of Emergency assistance, Centrelink Agency, Community events, Auspicing groups and clubs, Office services, Consultants rooms, Function rooms, Admin -fax and photocopying services and Op shops, Cafe and Nursery. Soon to have a commercial kitchen (Russell Is)

Russell Island - Main Office and Opp Shop

55 Jackson Rd, Russell Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: (07) 3409 1177

Macleay Island - Centrelink Agency Community Hall Office

32 High Central Rd, Macleay Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: (07) 3409 4990

Macleay Island - Op Shop, Cafe and Plant Nursery

35 Southsea Terrace, Macleay Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: (07) 3409 5613