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My Health Aisle
My Health Aisle

Located on Russell island My Health Aisle health store supplies quality natural products, certified organic groceries, skincare, vitamins, books, gifts and health services.

My Health Aisle, 15 High Street, Russell Island, QLD, 4184

Ph: 0431 250 292

We are situated just two minutes walk from the Russell Island jetty.

My Health Aisle includes a serviced clinic where both complementary and allied practitioners can provide much needed services to the islanders.  Our allied practitioners work closely with your doctors to ensure the safest and most effective treatments provided right here on the island.

my health aisle consult room
My Health Aisle consult room Russell Island

We are on hand 6 days a week to offer free naturopathic advice and support to assist you in living, eating and being well.

We have a cafe, Tea Totallers, where we specialise in serving specialist teas, coffees, chocolate and chai including alternative milk and sugar options.

my health aisle cafe
My Health Aisle cafe

From the beginning we have always supported local artists under the banner ‘locals supporting locals’ and currently sell locally made/sourced products on behalf of small island businesses including crystals, jewellery, dream catchers, wheat bags and dog coats.

my health aisle inside shop
My Health Aisle inside shop
my health aisle inside shop 2
My Health Aisle inside shop

We embrace a holistic approach to wellness which integrates diet, lifestyle, emotions and education to help you have the life you deserve.

Come in and chat, we do make a difference…

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