SMBI Food Growers Group

The SMBI Food Growers Group are an advocacy group for supporting the growing of food in the SMBI in backyards, schools, community gardens and commercially.

We are not a membership type of organisation.  We have a Board of five individuals from all four islands of SMBI and people who will follow and support us on our Facebook page.

We have a strategic plan in place.  Click here to download Strategic Plan.

There are several areas where we are currently involved:

  1.  A community tiller was obtained through a Federal Volunteering grant and we provide this with an operator to assist SMBI residents in establishing their food garden beds.
  2. We collaborated with the Griffith University to establish a Papaya Research project on Russell Island and it is under way.
  3. We run events for different purposes, largely educational.  We use volunteers for these.
  4. We are assisting Pretty Produce (based on Lamb Island) in hosting events.




SMBI Food Growers Group


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