The Russell Island Singers



The Island Voices is for people who love to sing and those who want to learn to read music, and to sing four-part harmony as a group.  No auditions required.

The Chorale sing all genre of music and welcomes and accepts singers of all ages from 10 years of age onwards.


Practice is held each Wednesday from 7:30-9:30pm


At the Anglican Hall on Russell Island (walking distance from jetty though we will pick you up if required from the jetty).

We want people from all islands so timing is designed to work in with the inter-island ferries.


The singers contribute $3 a week which goes towards the hall hire and purchase of music scores.


OJ 0412 504 153


BICSI meets community needs through providing a service of Emergency assistance, Services Australia Agency, Community events, Auspicing groups and clubs, 

Office services, Consultants rooms, Function rooms, Admin – fax and photocopying services, Op shops, Cafe and Nursery.

Russell Island -
Main Office and Opp Shop

55 Jackson Rd, 

Russell Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 1177

Macleay Island -
Services Australia Agency, Community Hall Office

32 High Central Rd, 

Macleay Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 4990

Macleay Island -
Op Shop, Cafe and Plant Nursery

35 Southsea Terrace, 

Macleay Island, Qld, 4184

Ph: 07 3409 5613

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