Harvest Family Church

At Harvest Family Church our heart is to train up disciples who understand how to grow in their relationship with God and be doers of the Word, not hearers only, who will impact their world for Christ and win others for the Lord’s glory.

Our Sunday service focuses on the 3 P’s: Praise, Prayer, Preaching.  We believe in the active ministry of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ as the Living Word of God and scripture as the revealed and known will of God to His people.

We support three missions: ‘OM Chile’ with Elizabeth Hurtado (Russell Island born and raised), ‘Rhema PNG’ with Luke Hurtado (also an islander) and ‘Into All The World’ with Dr Deborah Strong in Nepal.  Our Sunday message goes across the world to hundreds of believers via our web page.


8:30 – 10:00am then down at the Jetty Park on Russell Island from 11:30am.


7:30am Tuesdays


Ph: 0455 735 369 or email: riharvestfamily@gmail.com

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